Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What is Grit? Do you have it? How do you get it?

By Zak Nothling Renegade Performance and Nutrition Coach 

Grit is defined as "perseverance and passion for long-term goals."

Grit is the overcoming of obstacles and challenges that block our way to accomplishment

Grit is the driving force behind achievement.

Someone who has grit may not be the most physically talented or have the same ability, but they can outperform anyone who lacks grit.

How do you develop grit? 

There are a few tactics.  Today we will talk about one:

Practice. Starting small and getting better.

When it comes to improving your nutrition skills, we don't go from not eating any vegetables at all to two handfuls of veggies every meal and n processed foods.

We start off small and build up; we practice adding one hand full to one meal per day then we go for two meals then more. 

We may stuff up and miss one day, we end up at McDonalds, but that's ok. We acknowledge that we messed up and we keep trying and keep practicing.

Grit is us not giving up because we didn't get it perfect first time.

In the gym it could be practice with your Snatch.

When you start it may just be the bar, everyone around you is lifting 2-3-4 or more plates. 

You start adding more weight as the weeks pass you get stronger and your technique improves. But after six weeks you cant lift any heavier, you've reached a roadblock. You fail the first time, so you try again, you fail again, so you try again. You know deep down inside that you can do it, you show Grit. You take a couple of steps back in weight, work on your technique for a while, you come back in a few weeks and try again. You make the lift. 

This is Grit.

Every time you fail you need to think of it merely as a practice attempt. 

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